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Figure1.--I am not sure, but I believe that this is Prince Baudouin in his Cub Scout uniform. The photograph is undated, but we would guess that it was taken in 1939 or possibly early 1940 just before the NAZI invasion.

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May 31

School uniform: Italian First Communions

School uniform: Italian school smocks--collar and bow age conventions

American Cubs: More information here.

Austrian royalty: Archduchess Hedwig: More work here.

Movie review: The Saint

Jordanian royalty: Prince Hamza

May 30

Japanese Americans: Internment: More work here.

Main U.S. home front page: More work here.

May 29

Young Pioneers: Participation

School uniform: Russian school and Young Pioneer uniforms

School uniform: Field trips

School uniform: English cap usage

May 28

NAZI Zuckertute/Schultüten

School uniform: New Zealand in the 1930s

May 27

Girls' camp uniforms

Biography: W.H. Auden

The Papacy

American sailor suits: Age 10

Youth group art

May 26

American sailor suits: Age trends

Belgian brother and sister

Cannadian Cubs: The 1950s

School orchestras: Level

School orchestras: Size

Main school orchestras page

May 25

Unknown Scout image (1919)

American schools: Tisbury school (1919?)

American Schools: Vinyard Haven (1907)

American schools: Vinyard Haven (1906)

United States: Family car, 1929

H-bar kneepants

Movie review: Die Kinder aus No. 67

School uniform: Cap crests

The Popular Front

Shakespeare: Henry VI, Part 3

May 24

Hundred Years War

Shakespeare: Henry VI, Part 1

Royalty: Henry VI

Austrian rompers

May 23

Crakow Ghetto

May 22

School uniform: New Zealand blazer chronology

School uniform: English sweatshirts

Polish nationalist youth groups

English boyhood: More information from John.

More on the Russian German school

Unknown Scout group

Scout uniform: Pants

Scout uniform: Jean panys

Baden Powell Scouts

May 21

School uniform: New Zealand chronology

Movie review: Stunde Null

Civil War fashion impacts

German educational philosophy

French royalty: Charles IX

Biography: Konrad Wolf

Russian school: Austrian and German immigrants

May 20

Child Actor: Bennie Barlett

Movie review: Three Married Men

French royalty: Henry III

French royalty: François II

Italian royalty: The Este family

Children in history: Joan of Arc

French royalty: Charles VIII

May 19

Film review: Sabatoge

Film review: Mare nostrum

School uniform: Keeping up socks: More work here.

Flemish youth groups: More work here.

Documentary: The Medici

Film review: Germany Year Zero

Belgian Scouting: VVKS

Unknown Scout group

Unknown Cub group

Sports: Soccer jersies

Sports: Soccer shorts

May 18

Sports: Soccer hosiery

Sports: Indoor soccer

Germany and the NAZIs

Hitler Youth: Lighting bolt partch

English personal experiences: John

School unifoirms: Capes

Film review: Gamera Super Monster

School uniform: Trutex school shorts

Drama costumes


Hitler and Lederhosen

May 17

British kilt suits

Music: Specialized bands

German lederhosen: 1970s usage

May 16

German lederhosen: 1960s usage

School uniforming: Wearing the school tie

May 15

Suspender shorts: Age trends


Japanese television

National television: More work here

American school: Shady Side Accademy

Japanese Television: German Navy Boys' Detective Team

May 14

Japanese school uniforms: Baseball caps

KSA uniforms

Milan royalty

15th century Italian clothing

Naples Aragon dynasty

Naples royalty

May 13

Movie: The Devil's Playground

English school uniform: Short trouser rules

Australian school shirt chronology

English prep schools: Gender trends

May 12

Australian school shirt chronology

Picasso's art

Algerian schoolwear

English home knitting


Charles' boarding school uniform

Indivdual Argentine schools

Argentine school types

Argentine school influences

May 11

English school uniforms: Events

English school overcoats.raincoats


American family: 1890?

American school: Rice school

Rompers in maternelle

May 10

Rmpers at French Schools--Class Levels

Rompers at French schools: More work here

French rompers: More work here

Japanese school uniform: Seasonal approaches example 2

Japanese chin strap headwear styles

Japanese cap chin straps: More work here

Japanese Prussian cadet uniforms

May 9

Japanese school uniform: Seasonal approaches

Japanese gym kneesocks

Japanese school kneesocks: Color

Japanese Winter school uniforms

Japanese Summer school uniforms

Japanese long pants

French colonial Algerian rompers

Japanese pants

May 8, 2004

American artist: Isabel Coll

Neckwear and sashes


Sports: Ice hockey

Scottish school uniform: Garments: More work here.

Japanese school uniform: Wide-brimmed hats

Japanese school uniform: Hosiery conventions

Japanese school uniform" Floppy caps

Japanese school uniform: English style uniform

Japanese school uniform: White collar uniform

Japane school uniforms: Primary styles

Japanese school uniform styles: school level

May 7, 2004

Types of Japanese schools

Japanese school uniform styles

Unknown Scout group

German chronology: The 1970s

German Cold War chronology: More work here

Biography: Niels Bohr

Danish smocks

May 6, 2004

School uniform: Yellow school caps

Youth group cooking

Brief English school accounts: 1960s

Engish Cub star cap pins

English Cub patches and badges

May 5, 2004

English Scouts--the 1950s: More work here.

English Cub cap badges

Latin American youth groups

Argentinr youth groups

Japanese school ceremonies

Japanese school uniform: More work here.

German family school life

English school uniform: Catholic school

Scottish school types

May 4, 2004

Unknown English school types

School uniform: London schools

School uniform: English gender trends

English grade level terms

School uniform: England regulations 1950s

School uniform: England 1950s

May 3, 2004

English smocks: Late 19th century

Movie: Little Lord Fauntleroy (2003)

TV Movie: The Railway Children (1972)

May 2, 2004

English royalty

Mexican chronology

German smocks: Chronology

Russian school uniform: Chronology

Knicker suits in the early 20th century

Australian school uniform: footwear

May 1, 2004

Australian School uniform: history

North American youth groups

European youth groups

European integration

Historic plays: Henry II Part II

Bill's brother: Cubs

An Isreali school

Historical plays--Cororianus

Historical plays--Macbeth

Prince Baudouine and Scouting

Knickers hosiery: More work here.


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