Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--November 2004

Figure 1.--Here we see an example of a mother usung a sailor suit to coordinate the clothing of her children. three thrre American children, we think from Oklahoma. The portrait is undated, but we woulf guess was taken about 1910. The two older children wear sailor suits styled slightly differently. We assume that they are brother and sister, although as we have no provinance there is no way to be sure. We have seen many boys wearing ringlets curls like this. Here age would be a factor. The child at right looks older than the charge at the left which is why we think the child at the right may be a girl.

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November 30

Morton's Salt

Unidentified Japanese movie

Japanese school headwear: More work here.

English primary school uniforms

November 29

Grange First School

French artist: Marie Bashkirtseff

Unidentified English artist

English authors: Meredith Fletcher: More work here.

Hungarian leggings

French postcards: Accuracy

American catalogs: 1942

November 28

American artist: Elizabeth Baker

Hitler Youth shirts: Features

English artist: Dorothy Colles

H. Bryan brothers

Jo.. Gordon Downhill

French special school events

November 27

Lester Lee

Unidentified Japanese films

British buggle boy

Blackie's Boys' Annual

Brazilian garments

Brazilian families


Japanese family, 1880s

November 26

Swiss activities

Escharlens Choir

Stanford Fleming

American summer camps

Hitler Youth: Lesisure activities at camp

November 25

Ecole de Momplaisant Garçons

French school grade levels

Ecole de Garçon) rue Négrier

Ecole Maraval

November 24

Ecole Gambetta

Isle of Man

Chigny school

Allied drive into Germany

German inclemate weather clohing

November 23

French First Communion ceremony

French schools and First Communion

French school activities

Béthisy St. Pierre

Ecole Jeanne d'Arc

Ecole Normale d'Institeuteur

Ecole Jean Mace

French school terminology

November 22

Lycee Lamoriciere

Lodz Ghetto

November 21

Vichy military collaboration: Syria

Soviet take over of Latvia

November 20

Romper waist styles

Japance school dance

Japanese gym program

German democracy: More work here.

November 19

German ringlets, 1895

19th century French individual schools

20th century French individual schools

U.S. pants

November 18

French agricultural school

French military schools: More work here

November 17

Argentine boys clothes: More work here

Argentine families

Little Lord Fauntleroy actors

President Cleveland

World War I Displaced children: France

English Scouts: Activities, 1950s

English Scouts: Activities, 1910s

American school: Irvinville School

November 16

Swabie cap portraits

Small saucer sailor capa

South Africa: Gender

South Africa: Goudkop Primary School

South African school activities

American internment: Japanese

American gym classes: Gender

American schools: Coming and going to school

American school truants

November 15

American schools: Fire drill

Tower Country Day School

American school dance chronology

American school dance types

Canadian long stockings: More work here

November 14

Schoolwear: American gym classes

Schoowear: American school activities

School uniform: Japanese school levels

Other theatricals

United Airlines ad, 1968

Film review: Peck's Bay Boy with the Circus

November 13

French tunic styles

English dresses, 1900s

Photo booths

Summer camp in America

Unidentified ambrotypes

NAZI-era clothing

TV series: Home Improvement

Novemvember 12

Types of large white collars

German tunic suit styles

German skirted garments

Jews in America

Algerian traditional clothes

School sweaters

Working boys in America

Pink in postcards

November 11

German mother and son 1940s

German h-bar pants

World War II U.S. military schools

U.S. military schools: Individual schools

American Scouting, 1960s

Costume characters

Baseball 1920s

German 1920s family

German 20th century families

November 10

American boy in striped sailor suit

Costumes: Tom Sawyer and Beck Thatcher

Film review: Adam Had Four Sons: More work here

Ward's blouse waists, 1895

Film review: Il Ferroviere

French schools: Religion

November 9

Israel and Palestine

Saipan: Japanese civilians

The Blitz on London

German World War II photography

Artist: G.P. Green

Artist: James Green

Ward's shirts waists 1895

English school uniform: inter-war years

Danish neckwear

November 8

Prince Wilhelm: Sailor suits

Tajkikistan personal experiences

Nainsook suit

German democracy

American 1920s family

November 7


Wards 1895 sailor suits

Wards 1895 Fauntleroy suits

Japanese school gym and sport

Burton Grammar School

Japanese school caps: Identity

Japanese band uniforms

Japanese activities

Singapore school activities

November 6

Hong Kong Scout uniforms

Japanese Scout chronologies: Levels

Japanese Scouts, 1960s

Japanese schoo activities

Unexplained Japanese school image

Unknown Japanese choir

Japanese school cap colors

Field hockey: More work here

Ward's Windsor suits, 1895

Ward's children's suirs, 1895

November 5

American 1895 catalog pages

Top hats

Unknown cap style: More work here

Suit pants--19th century

Suit pants--Chronology

November 4

Suit styles, 1860s

1850s suits

1850s neckwear

Australian Scouts: 1900s

U.S. 1850s Daguerreotypes

November 3

Hitler Youth neckerchiefs

German Norfolk suits: More work here

German family, about 1910

November 2

Tad Lincoln

November 1

Family dress conventions

Identical styles

U.S. immigration laws


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