Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--July 2010

Figure 1.--I think this Japanese boy is dressed up for his first day of school. The photograph is undated, but looks like the 1980s. Japanese boys in the 1980s wore short cut shorts. Tights were worn for warmth, but white tights were popular when dressing up. Japanese boys commonly got a new suit when they began school. This boy is wearing a double-breasted suit and blue tie with white shirt--very formal indeed. The shoulder straps are part of his school book satchel. The boy looks to me to be about 6 years old.

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July 31

English school muniform: PE suits--Chronology

New Zealand school chronology

Fauntleroy collar: Definition

Mexican Native Americans: Clothing

English art: Lawrence--Angerstein children

English art: Lawrence children's portraits

English art: Millais--Wealthy child

July 30

Fauntleroy collars: More information here

Cold War: Hungary--Post-war Era

World War II: British gas masks: Children--School

July 29


Belgian Holocaust: The Rotmil family

Stand up paper frames: 1930s

School shorts: Colors

South African schools

American boy: George Redwine

July 28

English art: Gainsborough--Boys' fashions dresses

New Zealand school uniform: Knee socks

July 27

English school uniform: Laura

World War II: English children--Contributions

World War II: English home front

American swim suits: Cronology

Main Native Amnerican dance page

American sailor suits: Ages--Conventions

American sailor suits: Ages--Chronological years

July 26

New Zealand school uniform: Shirts

July 25

Koran and violence: Power of Allah

Cypriot history

The Holocaust: Individual countries H-L

Australian school footwear

July 24

German chronology: Cold War era

Samoan schools

World War II; Mediterranean islands

Hitler Youth: Hikimg--Importance

World War II: American war financing--Borrowing

July 23

New Zealand school sweaters: Other colors


American breeching: Hair styles

Japanese festivals: Gion--Nagasaki

July 22

Japanese play

World War II: Chinese Communist military forces

World War II: Albania

Canadian schools: Coming and going to school

Nepalnese schools: Education system

Japanese school uniform: Girls' military styles

Japanese school uniform: Boys' military styles

July 21

World War II: Lend Lease Iranian route

American ruffled collars: Neckwear chronology

Serbian minorities: Germans

July 20

Yugoslav Schools: Lazarevo German School

German Lederhosen: Hosiery seasonality

Beret: Gender trends

Economics: Country trends

Russian school garments: Hosiery types

July 19

Russian instrumental music

World War II: RSHA--Reich Securityb Office

World War II: Italiam military campaigns

English sailor headwear: Chronology

Main American institutional page

Main Amnerican Camp Akiba page

July 18

Institutional country trends

German wide-brimmed sailor hats

Korean school chronology: Japanese ciolonial era

July 17

Indian Sikhism: Schools

Korean schools: Special days

Korean school uniforms: Seasonality

Japanese school activities: Military drill

American tunic suits: Long pants

Korean schools: Uniform styles--British styles

Korean schools: Uniform garments

July 16

Korean schools: Types

German schools: Fine arts program

American drygoods store: Martin's suspenders (1901)

German school drama production

South Korean school uniform styles: Sailor suits

July 15

German round garters

Cold War: American-Taiwan defense treaty

American boy: Tinsley Armstrong

July 14

German sailor suits: Non-traditional collars

German school activities: Extarcurricular activities

German tights: Colors

School hosiery: Long stocking chronology

American 1968 election

World War II: American reaction to Japanese civilian suisides

American Pearl waists (1907)

American Pearl waists (1911)

July 13

Japanese tights: Chronology

School hosiery: Tights

American ringlet curls: The 1900s

Italiam Bailia: Effectiveness

Cold War: Taiwan

July 12

American hair styles: The 1910s

American artists: Joseph Badger

American boy dresses: The 18th century

Thai royalty

American urban psrks: Rock Creek Park

American ringlets: Sides

July 11

Canadian kilt suits

American Norfolk suits: Headwear

American First Communion: Early-20th century garments

World War II: Repatriation of Japanese civilians

American boy: Arthur anderson

July 10

German sailor suits: Gender trends--The 1910s

Hitler's revolution: Control over children

NAZI Revolution: Hitler's revolution

NAZI Revolution

Americam hair styles: 1950s style chart

July 9

American blouses: The 1860s

American 1890s family: The Eaton family

French families: 19th century

Child labor: Chronology: New image here

American child labor: Mill owner's son: Image change

World War II: Kindertransport--Transit camps

July 8

Historic drama: Romeo and Juliet

July 7

Senegal history: French colonial era

World War II: Atlantic naval campaign

World War II: British evacuations--The countryside

World War II: Battle of Britain--Provincial cities:

World War II: Anglo-American Alliance--Personal relationships

World War II: Battle of Britain--Assisting bombed out families

World war II: Battle ofd Britain--Civilian shelters

July 6

American holidays: Armed Forces Day

Lederhosen: Footwear

German Lederhosen: Cold weather garments

July 5

American girl dresses: Chronology

English actors: Roger Moore

World War II: Operation Bagration

July 4

Congo (Brazzaville) history

Brazilian royalty

Japan: Child labor


July 3

Bulgarian activities

Russian schools: Fine arts

Russian minorities: Tartars

French First Communion: Post-war era

American skirted garments: Accompanying clothing

East German economy: Central planning

July 2

Greece: Cold War era--The monarchy

American waist manufacturers: R & J

Undergarment manufacturers: Warner Brothers

Corset waists: Chronology

Economics: Mining and metalurgy

Economic sectors

July 1

American boys: Clarence and Norman Potter

American advertising: Ethyl Gasoline Corp.

American ringlet curls: Styling--The front

American TV shows: Going my way

American sailor caps: Chin straps

English sailor suits: Age trends


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