Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--June 2016

Figure 1.--Here we have a wonderful early color photograph at the Southington Elementary School, or so we are guessing. There was probably more than one elementary (primary) school in Southington. The children look to be about 10-years old. The photograph was taken in 1942. The occassion was was kind of school festival. It may be assiciated with America's entry into World War II. The feastival apparently dealt with nutrition, an important issue on the Home Front. We see a poster. 'Eat Fruit'. The girls all wear prim dresses, most wil baloon sleeves. Some girls wear girlish-style shoes while others wear sturdy oxfords more like the boys' styles. One girl wears saddle shoes. As the weather is warm they all wear anklets. The boys are in the back wering dress shirts with supenders and holding American flags. This with the entry into World War II was a time for patriotic show.

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June 30

Australian families: Adelaide 1890s family

Scottish regions: The Low Lands

American activities: Fishing--Iconic American activity

Irish schools: Carmore National School

Italian history

June 29

American kilt suits: The 1870s

English Fauntleroy suits: Jackets

Ukranian etnicity: Cossocks

June 28

American 1900s tunic suits" Skirted garments

Canadian shirts and collars

Canadian skirts

June 27

American Eton collars: Ages--10 years

Skirted garments: Unknown country

American boy: Harry B. Decker

June 26

American button-on styling: Chronology

June 25

World War II: German Kriegsmarine--Naval air

German long hair styles

June 24

English skirts: Blouses

Swiss Fauntleroy suits

June 23

Overseas British Evacuation of Children: City of Benares survivors

World War II: Operation Torch

June 22

World War II: Battle of the Atlantic--German U-boat fleet

World War II: United States--Presudent Roosevelt's strategy against the isolatioits

American 1860s families: Military school brothers

English families: Well-to-do family (1890s)

June 21

American tunic suits: Headwear--Wide brimmed sailor hats

American holidays: Columbus Day

World War II: Dutch war criminals and collaborators

June 20

Polish inter-War schools: Activities

Polish history: Foundation and Christinization

Scottish families: Glasgow family

Scottish schools: Activities

June 19

American sailor suits: Knee pants chronology--The 1900s

East German Young Pioneers: Activities--Excursions

June 18

East German Young Pioneers: Spcific activities

June 16

American rompers: Chronology--The 1930s

June 15

American rompers: Chronology--The 1940s

Argentine families: Argentine immigrant family

June 14

English parks: Pudsey children's park

English dessess: Gender--Image 2

June 13

English headwear chronology: The 1900s

Australian schools: Fairbridge Farm Schools

Chinese Communism: Agriculture

June 12

Boys'collrs: Country trends

England: Shirts and blouses elements--Collars

American schools: Temple Street school

Bulgaria: Identical outfits

June 11

Romanian skirted garmrnts

Bulgarian skirted garments

Romanian Western garments: Skirted garments

June 10

French smocks: 20th century

Word War II: Japanese Operation FS

June 9

World War II: US. Army--WACs

Americam schools: Oakland High School (1923)

American family: Baldwin estate

June 8

American schools: Southington Elementary School (1942)

Danish garments

American boys: Ruick brothers

June 7

American children: Laura, Elwin, and Etta Williams

International organizations: United Nations--Agencies

Philippines: Activities

English school headwear chronology--The 19th century

June 6

American schools: The Arts

American hair parts: The 1890s--Gender trends

June 5

Russian blouse styles: Country trends

American identical outfits: Brothers and sisters

American identical outfits: Gender

June 4

American tunics: Seasonality

Philippinres: Chronology--The 1890s

June 3

World War II: French aviation industry

Russia: Skirted garment chronology

June 2

World War II: Japan and Barbarossa

School chronology: Unidentified 1930s school


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