Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--October 2007

Figure 1.--Here we see a brother and sister sharing a wonderful teddy. We are not sure who it belonged to or if they shared it. Perhaps it was a studio teddy. Unfortunately we are not sure where the children are from. We thought the teddy looked rather German, but of course the Germans exported teddies. Nor do we know where tge children are from. We think they may be American, but are not at all sure. We believe the portrait was taken about 1930.

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October 31

Albert Staebler

Americam tunics: Styles

October 30

America: Church attendance--20th century

German long stocking garters

Argentine activities

American knee socks: Colors and patterns

Bloomer knickers: Draw string closures

Puerto Rico: Chronology

Latvian Scout history

October 29

Freed slaves: Charity

Knickers closures: Buttons

U.S. footwear: Chronology

American activities: Hunting and fishing

German lace collars

Friends of the New Germany

October 28

German school cones (1940s)

German games: Playing horsey

German sailor scarves (1920s)

German bikes

German games: Cowboys and Indian costuming

October 27

American sailor cap styles

Swiss schools: Uster school

Swiss schools: Niederhelfens Village School

German weddings: Costumes

World War I: Belgian royal family

October 26

Giraudaye family (1918)

Japanese family (1929)

Canadian dresses: Accompanying clothes

October 25

German school portrait (1860s)

French Lederhosen

Ray and Veron Kathman

October 24

World War I: Great Serbian Retreat

French collars

French family outing (1930s)

Shaker girls

U.S. Military schools: Chronology--Late 19th cntury

October 23

World War I: U.S. Food Administration

English illustrators: F.H. Townsend

World War I: Belgium

Americam elections: 1888

Native American history: North America

October 22

German sailor suit chronology: Edwardian era

Czech school activities

British World war I individual boys

John Travers Cornwell

German Lederhosen conventions (1930s)

French overcoats

Canadian catalog--hosiery 1945-46

October 21

Bib-front underwear

Pre-Roman Italian history

Inter-war pacifism

October 20

Unidentified American boy (1859)


Ukraine history

October 19

Estonian history

Austrian youth groups: Heimwehr summer camps

October 18

English kilt chronology

German cropped hair: Chronology

German sailor suits: 1920s styling]

October 17

World War I: British food situation

World War II: German evacuation experiences

German Lederhosen: 1950s conventions

World War II: National air forces

World War I: French home front

U.S. Boy Scouts: War bond sales

World War I: English Boy Scouts--Morale

October 16

The Wehrmacht: Old men and boys

World War I: National navies

October 15

World War I: Australia--Jim Martin

German First Communion (1944)

Mail order catalogs: Sears long stockings (1929-30)

October 14

Zukertuten: Cones

U.S. blouses: Styles

Taiwanese history

Italians in Libya

October 13

United States families: Wiggs family (about 1900)

Sears waist unin suit (1932)

Short pants suits: 20th century chronology

American boy dresses in the 1880s: Hair styles

October 12

English Boy Scout World War I ativities

World War I: British boy volunteers

English Boy Scouts: World War I

James E. West: Chief Scout Executive

October 11

Japan: Obon holiday

Canadian language policies

Men and boys' shops

World War II: German civil defense program

October 10

American sailor suits: 1910s

Boy Scouts: Geograohic regions

October 9

German: Lederhosen conventions folk costume

Germany: Trouser suspension 1920s

October 8

Germany: Sailor suit gender chronology

France: Eton collar popularity

Germany: First Communion portrait (1920s)

U.S. Boy Scouts: 1936 local events

Tunisian history

October 7

U.S. schools: Unidentified Catholic school (1890s)

Palestinian Boy Scouts

Harvey Eldridge Hannaford

American Scouting: 5th National Jamboree (1960)

Photo albums

German pants chronology

Toys: Conveyances

Anerican boy and toy train (1850s)

October 6

U.S. rompers: Backs

Eton collars: Chronology

U.S. knickers hem closure band fastening psition

American tunic suits: Patterns

English individual school: Prep schools

English schools: The Dene

Trouser suspension: Country trends

October 5

English trouser suspension

Roman Egypt

Conquest of Mexico

Conquest of Peru

October 4

English school cap conventions

October 3

Highland kilt

Teddy chronology

Girls' short hair: Reasons

Michael Carmichael Carr

October 2


Soviet schools: The last ringing

U.S. sailor suits: Colors

October 1

U.S. Schools: Hiwassee Schoo (1902)

Pope Pius XII

Kemp brothers

School uniform: Specialized shorts

School uniform: Pants types

American dress styling: Gender trends


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