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sod school
Figure 1.-- We are sure about the name of this school. We know where it was located, but not its name. We are guessing it might be called the Sumner Highway School. It is a wonderful photograph of a sod schoolhouse in Nebraska. The Frontier officially closed in the 1890s. There were stiil, however, many in the Plains states still living in sod houses. This is a great example of a one-room sod house. It was located in Marquiss district, 5 miles southeast of Broken Bow, Custer County on the Sumner highway. The photograph was taken in 1892. The teacher was 16-year-old Hiva Miller. The school had 14 children and they provide a detailed view of how rural children dressed. Put your cursor on the image for an enlarged view.

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May 31

Mexican First Communion: Native American boy

World War II: Greece: More work here

American hair styles (1950s)

Parsons children (1869)

Vive Camera (1897)

May 30

Israel and Palestine: Children

Japanese family (1930s)

Unidentified German primary school (1915)

William and Robert Hakney (1914)

Unidentified German secondary school (1915)

Garment supporter (1891)

Wards rubbers and overshoes (1894)

May 29

Boys hats: 20th Century trends

Turkey Creek School (1913)

McCormick family (1927)

Fauntleroy suits and ringlet curls

Education: Democratic Republic of the Congo

May 28

Prince Igor

Count Nicolas Alexandrovitch Tolstoi

Sailor suits: Hosiery: More work here

English page boy (1970s)

Bloomies bathing suit (1886)

Sailor hat chronolohy

Long hair: Chronological eras

Long hair: Chronolgical trends

May 27

Ordinary bios: Carl Roos (1881)

Ordinary bios P-R: More work here

World War I: German home front: More work here

Oceam View School: More work here.

English charity homes: Cottage homes

Charity institutions: Country trends

Film review: The Pianist

Movie reviews: "P"s More work here.

May 26

Over Dressuing Children

20th Century chronology

Hitler Youth banners


May 24

Native Americans: Southeastern culture area

Japanese smocks

May 22

Floppy bows: Situations

Eton collars: Conventions

American suits--Knicker pants

Alfred Corning Clark family

May 21

Girls hair styles

Film review: Die Feuerzangenbowle

Girls clothes: Gender connotations

May 17

Eric: My Eagle rank

NAZI Party rally

May 16

Dutch schoos: Discipline

Medireval Croatia

American schools: Girard School

English schools: Queen Anne's School

Japanese DoyaDoya Fesival

May 15

American schools: Tod school

Australian schools: Hunter Valley School

May 14

McErlean boys (1920s)

Movie review: Punktchen und Anton (1953)

German sandals: Social class

World War II: Liberation of Framce--mortheaster vprner

U.S. kilt suits: Gender trends

U.S. headwear chronology

May 13

German schoolwear garments: Chronological trends

GD Project: America--Tom's outer clothing (1910s)

GD Project: America (1910s)

American boy (1850s

May 12

American boy (1850s)

Long Pants Suits: Country Trends

Ollie Vail (1860s)

Corset Waists

May 11

American schools: Nebraska sod school (1892)

United States: Vacation Bible school (1953)

May 9

German soldiers and foreign chidren

Long stockings 1920s: School and play

German long stockings: 19th century

Aryaman Stefan: Long stockings

German longstockings: Individual accounts: More work here

May 8

Striped stocking: Country trends

May 7

White slave children: Individual accounts

Cold weather clothes

Slave masters' children

Portuguese schools

May 6

George V's children: Sailor suits

Edward VIII: Sailor suit garments

Edward VIII: Sailor suit occassions

May 5

U.S. Cub uniforms (1930s)

Russian school smocks

Barsumian family

Danish artist: Moltke

English school caps (1950s)

English school blazers (1950s)

May 4

Eton suit garments

American suits: Ages

American neckwear: Chronology

American 20th century white stockings

Haines union suit (1922)

May 3

The Bedouin

Honolulu Boys' Choir

School uniforms: Latin America

Kilt suit styling

World War II: German air defenses

May 2

Issac Kendrick (late 1850s)

May 1

Stereoview studio

Nazi invasion of Belgium (1940)


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