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Figure 1.--This colorized portrait was taken by A. Alex in Tallinn, probably during the 1930s. The sailor suit is a German style. Note the stripoed blouse and wjite string toe for the sailor scarf. We are not sure, however, if the boy if an ethnic German or Estonian.

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February 30

Material: Corduroy--19th century

American headwear: 8-year olds

February 29

German 1955 catalogs

February 28

American tunic suits: Caps

Indian youth groups

February 27

Indian cadet program

American Civil War: Families

February 26

Indian schools: Common gender itemns--Footwear

African tribes: The Toposa

February 25

American kilt suits: Caps--Balmorals

February 24

German catalogs: Traditional outfits (1950s)

German catalogs: Traditional outfits (1950s)

February 23

German Zepplins

American knickers: Age 6 years

Polish First Communion (1990s)

February 22

American knickers: Usage

February 21

English suits: Trousers

Finnish youth groups

February 20

Latin American ethnicity: Country trends

February 19

American school headwear: Types

American tunics: Construction

February 18

American 1850s shirt elements: Collars

American schoolwear: T-shirts

English striped long stockings: Chronology--The 1870

American boys: Bett boys

English hair styles

Chinese Civil War

Bib-front overalls: Colors and patterns

February 17

Bib-front overalls: Country trends

Latin America: Ethnicity

World ar II: Rearming America

February 16

American catalogs: Wards' boxer sets (1960s)

French catalogs: Sailor dress (1894)

English patterns: Nightwear (1940)

American peaked dress caps: Usage

February 15

Sierra Leone: Geography

United States short pants: Boxer shorts

Scottish garments: Skirted garments

February 14

Romper usage: Dressy

February 13

Latin American countries


World War II: Austria--Aftermath economics

February 12

Brazilian tribes: Waimiri Atroari

Argentine hosiery: Types

February 11

American Amish: Life style

Scottish hats

February 10

English lomg stockings: Other patterns

English suit chronology: @0th century

Estonian sailor suits: Ethnicity

February 9

World War II: Infantry assault weapons

Malay: Arts

February 4

American sailor suit garments: Hosiery

February 3


Austrian biographies: Paul Federn More informtion here

Japanese schools: Gender

February 2

Japanese schools: Post-War era

Japanese schools: Post-War economic recovery

February 1

U.S. Sailor suits: Non-traditiinal sdtyles--Tunics

American Civil War: Lost cause argument


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