Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--December 2016

Figure 1.--This Lydia Field Emmet portrait was entitled 'The Brothers'. It was painted about 1909. We do not know who the boys were, obviously a well-to-do family. The older boy has short hair and may be about 8-years old. He wears a white summer sailor suit with white abkle sicks and pumps. The abkle socks were unuual at the time. His younger brother looks to be about 5-6 years old. His hair is dine in page boy bangs. He wears what looks like a blusish grey frock. At the time tunics were popular, but frock like this one were going out of style for boys. Like his brother, he wers white sovks and pumps.

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December 31

Americn dresses: Fabric patterns

Americn headwear: 1900s gender trends

December 30

French demogrphics

American elections--1814 Congressional election

December 29

Bosnia: Chronology

American school garments: Footwear

Libyan photography

December 28

Libyan geography

Libyan ethnicity

Libyan activities

Amerian kilt suits: Blouse tops

December 27

Unknown country: Short pants suit

American family: Unidentified mom and kids (1840s)

American artits: John Lewis Krimmel

Latin American: Ethnic groups

December 26

American schools: Potter Street School--The 1970s

World War II: Equipment

English boy: Philip Saltmarshe

December 24

Irish suits

English schools: St. Pancras N. School

December 23

Scottish sailor suits: Chronolgy--The 1870s

December 22

English schools: Unknolnown school types

December 21

Egyptian families: Kegdivate

December 20

Russian chronology: Early-20th century--Prosperous urban classes

Serbian suits

December 19

American Indian tribes: Sioux--Tribes and bands

Yugoslav school chronology: Royal Yugoslavia

Serbian Jews

Serbian Lederhosen

Canadian families: Millar family (1920s)

December 18

World War II: American Pearl Harbor base--Hwaiian population

December 17

American 21st Century Children in History: Islamophopbia Poster Teen--Yasmin Seweid

American 1890s families: Jordan fanily

December 16

World War II: Western New Guinea Campaign--Noemfoor Island;

World War II: CBI Theater--Northern Burma

World War II: Air war: Operation Frantic

December 15

American artist: Duvenbeck--Apprentices

American artist: Duvenneck--Orientalist works

American artist: Frank Duveneck

December 14

American children: The Cross children

American artists: Lydia Field Emmet

Economics: The failure of modernity--Regions

December 13

American boy: Welsey Lamont De Laney

Tanzanian history

Egyptian families

December 12

Economic: The failure of modernity

December 11

World War II: Norwegian refugees: Destination countries

Ghana history: Independence

World War II: Finnish evcauee children--Returning home

December 10

Cypriot history: Ottoman era

Arab-Israeli Conflict: United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF-1)

Arab-Isreal Conflict: Refugee Policy

December 9

Japanese family: The 1920s

December 7

Scottish footwear

English sailor suits: Element

December 6

English sailor suits: Gender

English suits: Usage

English suit garments: Headwear

English families: Young Hasting family

December 5

Wales: Activties

December 4

World war II aftermath: Germany--Living conditions in Berlin

December 3

American outings: Beaches and resorts

American school sizes: Chronology

American photograhs: Interpretation--Pull toys

December 2

Algerian history: Independence--Exodus

American tunics: Lengths

December 1

English skirted garments: Chronology


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