Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--August 2004

Figure 1.--Here is a studio portrait from Christ Church, New Zealand. There is no date or name. We would guess that it was taken in the late 1890s or early 1900s. He has a small white bow in his curls. Looks to be 5 or 6 years old. Unless we had the name and location of the photograoher, we would have assumed the boy was Bfritish. (The portrait looks American, but the short socks rather than long stockings is an indicator that the boy was British, or in this case from New Zealand.) Image courtesy of the RG collection.

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August 31

Dating photo postcards

Canadian family about 1910

Canadian boy, 1907

Artist: Aaron Dean Fletcher

Artist: August Toersleff

Canadian families in the 1930s

Tintype quality

August 30

Debate over German education

German school philosophy: More work here

King John: More work here

Totalitarian political parties

NAZI pagentry

Chiang Kai-shek

Benito Mussolini

NAZI racial policies



August 29

Cape overcoats

Blouses and waists, 1902

Short top coats, 1902

H-bar pants: Romania

H-bar shorts: Country trends

August 28

Hip-hop costumes


Artists: William Frederick Yeames

English Civil War

Tweed: More information here

August 27

Sears 1902 vestee suits

American 1902 suits

August 26

Liberation of France: More work here.

Another Edelfelt page

August 25

Edelfelt paintings

Finish art: More work here.

August 24

Bavarian jackets: More work here.

American Civil Rights Movement: More work here

Modern feisanna

Irish dance regulations

Holderness School

August 23

German long pants suits

Girls' sailor suits--1910s

English school jumpers:Chronology

English Scout bamds: Members

Dutch Scout bands--the 1980s

August 22

German non-traditional sailor suits

German folk costume conventions

German family

Fauntleroy suits and kilts

Vintage Scottish outfit

August 21

English ethnic outfits: Scotland

Sports coats: Pants

August 20

William Henry Betty

Sears shorts sets

August 19

Another Sears suit page

Wilde chldren: Satin suit

Rugby suits

US catalogs: Suits (1941)

August 18

School uniform: Ballham Grammar

School uniform: Jimmy--County school

Dresses: More work here.

Robartes children: More work here.

Oscar Wilde

August 17

Prince Alois

School uniform: English public schools: More work here

Movie review: The Mudlark

School uniform: English early 19th century schools

August 16

Weston Boys' Band

School uniform: English school drill

School uniform: English jumpers

Pribce Louis-Ferdinand's children

Prince Louis Ferdinand'd childhood clothing

Prince Louis Ferdinand

August 15

German glossary, M-Z: More work here.

German social dancing lessons

August 14

Irish dance types: More work here.

World War II air campaign: German cities

Renewed bombing campaign

Reflections on the World war II Air War

August 13

Irish dance levels: More work here

Irish dance kilts: More work here.


Schoo uniforn: Corduroy conventions

School uniform: English prep schools--formality

August 12

Rationing in World War I

School uniform: Welsh state schools

Welsh education

Knicker suit jackets

American Scouting activities

Austrian regions

School uniform: Dollar Academy, Scotland

School uniform: St Mary's, Scotland

Scouting Indian lore

Evacuation of French children

Fall of France: More work here

August 11

German beaches

German working boys

Unidentified school

Unknown sports uniforms

Grand Duke Guillaume IV

August 10

Prince Guillaume

Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg


African country pages

Robin knitting

Tim Hovey

Movie review: Wonderous Obsession

Brazilian Scout uniforms

Brazilian Scout kilts

Brazilian Scouting

August 9

Brazilian youth groups

Victor Hugo: More work here

School uniform: Australian school types

August 8

Preppy look


German festivals

South African population

August 7

School uniform: English gym

German school cones--21st century

Duke of Gloucester

Social dancing

Japanese marching bands

Unknown Japanese television series

Japanese TV series

Japanese Famous Five

Alphabetical Mm-Mu

August 6

NAZI school cones

Alma Mahler

Omani boys clothes

German sailor suit styles

German sailor headwear types

German middy b;ouse colors and patterns

School uniform: German military peaked caps

Girl guides

August 5

Girls' uniforms

Undated German school images

School uniform: German Weimar era

Girls clothes: The 1880s

School uniform: German headwear

German collars

School uniform: Scottish school activities

Style summany

August 4

Italian states: Parma

Maria Anna of te Teschen Austrian line

Canadian girls school uniforms

Belgian skirted garmnents

Track uniforms


August 3

Welsh folk dancing

Channel Islands

American romper belts

NAZI text books

August 2

Material fabrics

School uniform: English school suits

America enters World War I: More work here.

August 1

Summer Camp: More work here.

School uniform: Scoittish 20th century chronology

School uniform: New Zealand school sweater trim

School uniform: New Zealand school shirts

School uniform: New Zealand kneesock bands

School uniform: New Zealand sweaters

New Zealand hair styles


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