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Figure 1.-- One charming German Christmas tradition is the Adventakalender. It is a special Christmaa card for children. The card has 24 little windows which the child begins opening on December 1. Each has aovely little drrawing behind it. Of course the last window is opened Christmast eve.

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December 31

German trouser suspension

Film review: Hitler's Children

Missouri family, 1890

Missouri family, 1889

California family

Texas family

Edith Nesbit

The Handbook for Girl Guides

December 30

Floppy bows

Assessment of the World War II Italian campaign

Sears summer underwear, 1925

Swedish school garnments

President G.H. Bush

American kilts

December 29

Sweedish schools: The 1960s

U.S. long stockings-color

Suspenders in the 1950s

Cletus Hullen and Henry Oelschlagen

Christian clothing

December 28

Christmas cards

Boys in ballet: More work here.

Dutch schools in the 1930s

American newsboys

Newsboys: Country trends

Dutch H-bar shorts

Dutch schools in the 1960s


December 27

Film review: Foreign Correspondent

Canadian Christmas

German Christmas cusoms

Ballet practice costumes: More work here.

Ballet concerns: More information here

Ballet benefits: More information here

Brazilian Scout chronology

Brazilian Scout levels

December 26

Bill: Bedtime in Germasny

Suspender shorts at school

Canadian school exchange, 1988

Pajama experience, 1945

Johannes Heesters

Movie reciews: La Gloria de mi pere--Parks

Aberdare uniform

December 25

Australian catalogs

Christmas: Seasonality

Important holiday

Home events

December 24

Martha's Vinyard family


Sears stocking supporters, 1925

Reffled collars: Ages

Japanese American family, 1939

American long stockings, 1910s

Eton collars: Styles

Movie review: The Great Caruso

Boys' ballet costumes: More onformation here.

Music in the church

Movie review: Adam Had Four Sons: Another page

American long stockings: 1900s

American long stockings: 1930s

American long stockings color: 19th cenbtury

December 23

Arbelour House School

Sears sweaters, 1925

Movie review: "The Go Between" costuning

Movie review: "The Go Between" cast

Boys' tuxedos

Grindstone School

Movie review: Wonderous Oblivion

December 22

East Shannon School

Dexter School

American catalogs: 1924

December 21

English school shorts: Suspension

Sears knicker suits, 1925

World War: Ages

Camp Belknap

Wards 2-in-1 combinations, 1939

December 20

Lincoln school

Derek's school: More work here.

French parks: More work here.

Austrian Scouting

December 19

England: Morning routine

Austrian youth groups

Suspender pants back attachment

American Christmas: More work here.

December 18

Settlement houses: Activities

Bill's park

Greek clothing: modern depictions

Chinese immigration

American immigrants: Assistance

Movie review: Fanny and Alexander uncut version

December 17

Prince Charles Francis Joseph Hohenzollern

Prince Joaquim: More work here.

Prince Alexabnder Ferdinand: Tunics

Grand Duchess Adelheid

Movie review: A Christmas Memory

December 16

School uniform: Dereke's experiences

Bill: London sandpit

Isolationists and President Roosevelt

Christmas in Germany: Adventakalender

Parks: Sandboxes

Race relations in America

Unknown outings

December 15

Identical brother outfits: Chronologies

Movie review: The Go Between: More work here.

English family

British Scout plumes

Princess Margriet

Islam and democracy

Gymnastics: More work here.

The Willoughby Captains

Frederik Williem van Eeden

Arthur van Schendel

Dollar Academy: More work here.

December 14

American family

Nazareth underwear, 1920

Joseph Mazzello: Film career

Military garments


English schools: Drama

American camp shorts: Schoolwear

December 13

French TV networks

Suit buttoning

December 12

Christmas in Austria

German sailor cap

Soviet bases in Estonia, 1939-40

Child star: Joseph Mazzello

December 11

Movie review: Three Wishes

Japanese school suits: School types

Movie review: L'Arbre de Noël

U.S. Cub salute

Japanese wide-brimmed school hats: Colors

Occupation scenes

Versailles Treaty evasions

Artist: Josef Mandl

Unknown artists

Leave It to Beaver: More work here.

Irish Dance Types: More work here.

Child star: Billy Mummy

December 10

TV: Twilight Zone

Film review: One Christmas: Images added

Unknown Scottish artists

U.S. Scout accessories

Austrian TV

French TV

Ward's waists, 1936

December 9

Prince Philip's family

Dr Parker waists, 1922

German television

Individual Heimat films

December 8

Heimat Chronology

Movie review: Four Weddings and a Funeral

Unknown German artist

Artist: J.T. Mitchell, 1801

Illustrator: Lisbeth Zwerger

December 7

Movie review: Frühlingslied

Oliver Grimm

Perwitzer school

December 6

The Fifth Form at St. Dominic's

Barefeet: More work here.

Norman Rockwell: The Rivals

Sears garter waists, 1949-50

D.H. Larence

December 5

Film review: The Devil's Backbone

Sears suits, 1942-43

December 4

English illustrator

School book: The Pretenders

Sears shorts sets

Sears longie sets

December 3

Sears long stockings, 1942-43

Arkansas farm family, 1880s

Rockwell clothing depictions

English primary schools, 1980s

Alderwood Primary School

Chillingham school chronology

Rockwell body of work

Canadian stores: Simpson's

Front porch scene

December 2

American private school, 1935

Belgian schools: 20th century

Sears tricycles, 1919

Canadian stores

December 1

Hitler Youth boy

Nursery rhymes

Push cars and Irish Mails


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