Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--November 2007

Figure 1.--Sandals were common for everyday wear at many prep schools. They were commonly worn with short pants and knee socks. Notice the boys here are wearing grey shirts.

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November 30

French tunics: Chronology

Austrian hosiery types

French travel

French rompers: 1940s age

Austrian hosiery

Germany: Hans' Berets

Hair styles: The 1970s

United States: Hair stryles: The 1970s

Photographic portrait types

Photo portrait types: U.S. chronology

November 29

Serbian youth groups

Serbian Boy Scouts

November 28

Specific Christmas traditions

World War I: France

American Civil War: Naval operations

Swiss activities: Shopping

German school garments: Peaked caps

November 27

German berets: Regional trends

German long stockings: 11 year olds

Louis XIV: More work here

Cold War: The Marshall Plan

November 26

Ballham Grammar School: Edward Harris

Soviet orphanages: Chronological trends

Film review: Mephisto

November 25

Edgar. E Stern

Mannual digital colorization

Color and fashion

Cotton and Southern slavery

November 24

U.S. suits: Button-on suits

2000s: Country Trends

U.S. riglet curls: Ages

American First Communion--Al (1937)

American First Communion--Unidentified boys (1948)

American First Communion--Unidentified boy (1930s)

American First Communion--Jude (1941)

November 23

Spanish Republic (1931)

Gabon boys clothing

English royal houses

November 22

19th century long pants suits styles

19th century collar styles

Charles J.J. Carter

November 21

Medium hair styles

Artists: Conrad Hitz

Mauch twin films

November 20

Treatment of white-fathered slave children

Baron Albert Rothchild

November 19

World War II: Cossacks

The Zepplin children (1933)

Main knee pants suit page

American suits: Knee pants

November 18

English suits: Knickers

World War II: NAZI exploitation of Poland

American Eton collars: Neckwear

American blouses: Conventions

November 17

Military service: Country trends

Armenian Boy Scouts

The Mauch brothers

November 16

Film review: I Married a NAZI

November 15

Floyd Van Horne

School garments: Pants

Kindertransport: Arriving in England

Catalogs: Sears long stockings (1936)

November 14

Ring bearers: 2000sLatvian Christmas

November 13

American slavery: Literature

German long stocking colors: 1930s

American pin-on lace collars

November 12

World War II: Individual aggressor nations

Daniel Boone

World War I: Dual Alliance

November 11

World War II: German food production

Hitler Youth activities: School

German sandal hosiery: No sovks

Youth group garments: Headwear

Suspension: Trouser modification

U.S. dresses: Solid-colored fabric

U.S. dresses: Print patterns

November 10

Girls hair parts: Center parts

American sailor suits: Headwear

U.S. black long stockings: Ages

Willie Blatt

American blouses: Elements

The Koran and Women

November 9

Prodigy: Ervin Nyiregyházi

World War II: Occupation of Japan--the Japanese People

World War I: American Red Cross

American shoe types

Barbary pirates

November 8

American suits (1922)

Violence in Palestine (1945-48)

U.S. Presidential election: 1892

American school theatricals

American button-on outfits

November 7

U.S. knee pants: Chronology

American home-made waggon (1890s)

American barefeet: Chronology

John Conway (1906)

German Scouts: Individual accounts

German youth groups: Personal experiences

French tunics: Headwear

November 6

Korean school chronology

World War II: German Flak personnel

English school sandals: Accompanying clothes

Belgian romper styles

Edith and Garry Staples

November 5

Egyptian history: British protectorate


U.S. dresses: Patterns

World War I: Country trends

World war I: European Calculations about America

World War I: Neutral shipping

November 4

NAZI government

HJ boating expedition

Serbian grments

Child actors: Davey Lee

DJ bike outing

HJ group

U.S. brown long stockings: Photography

Swedish swimming

November 3

Polish Jews

English Cubs: The 1950s

American hair styles: The 1900s

November 2

German photo album: New Hitler Youth boy

British withdrawl from Palestine (1948)

Youth groups: Malaysia

Advertisements: The 1950s

November 1

World War II: Czech aviation industry and air force

U.S. Boy Scout events: 1926

U.S. Cub Scout uniforms--pants (1930s)

U.S. Boy Scout events: 1938

U.N. partition of Palestine (1948)


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