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Some HBC readers tell us that they would like to be able to access new pages, but do not want to receive E-mails on every new page added to HBC. We have also for several years now experienced problems dealing with AOL. Thus we have created this page for HBC readers. We will list new pages or existing pages to which we have added additional information. We used to maintain a page like this. We know from this experience that we sometimes forget to add a new page, but we will try to remember to do this as much as possible. There will not be a link on our home page so you will want to add this to your favorites/book marks. We plan to only make this page available to readers who support HBC. There may be occasional changes in the URL. Just let me know if you have any question about this new HBC feature.

March 31

American kilt suit: Sailor blouses

World War II biographies--M-Z

German biographies: Max Schmeling

March 30

German President Hindenburg: Family

American military-style cap: Small peak

Swedish Schools: Ydrefors School

March 29

Indian history: British control

American boys: Fred and Willie Crocker

Migrations out of Africa: First wave

American economy: Poverty

India: The Raj--Clothing

American schools: Highland Park School

March 28

American nursery schools: Chronology

American garments: Unknown images

American button-on suits: The 1930s

American economics

American Scout uniforms: Headwear--Campaign hat

March 27

American tunic suits: Dressy occassions

American long stockings chronology: The 1920s--Age trends

American warm weather clothing: Chronology

American immigration: Polish chronology

March 26

American child actors: Paul O'Keefe

German ecomonics: Weimar Republic

American wagons: 20th century

German sailor suits: Family outings

March 25

Germany: Hair care

World War II: Biographies--Field Marshall Walter Model

German pants: Age trends

World War II: Weapons of mass destruction

March 24

World War II: American radio industry

World War II: German naval strategy--Outbreak of War

American religious faiths

Holocaust: Italian individuals

Holocaust: Polish individuals

March 23

World War I: Animals

World War II: African Theater

Japanese schools: Kobe primary school

March 22

Japanese school sports: Sumo

Japanese schools: Shirtless kindergardens

Japanese sumo: Ritual

Serbian film reviews: Montevideo

German knee pants: Features

English long stockings: Color

March 21

English cut-away jacket suits: Trousers

American long stockings: Conventions

Japanese underwear

Japanese summo: Ritual and costuming

American schools: Agassiz School

March 20

American knickers suits: 19th century

Japanese school uniforms: Gym uniforms

Japanese royalty: Prince Akahito--Western styles

March 19

Greek Civil War

Chilean schools: Deutsche Schule / Colegio Alemán

Russian artists: Aleksandr Vladimirovich Makovsky

World War II: Danger to America (May-June 1940)

NAZI leaders: Rudolf Hess

American stocking supporters: Worth skeleton waist

French dresses: Social class

March 18

Russuan artists: Elena Mikhailovna Kostenko

Japanese boys military-style school unifirm: Academic levels

Sebian school activities: Special events

M films: More work here.

American film review: Moonfleet

Ancient Greece: Gymnopaedia Festival

Ancient Greece: Spartan education

March 17

Ancient Greece: Education

American vintage clothing: Black Bear long stockings

March 16

World War II Holocaust: Process

Cold War: Berlin

Anabaptist communal groups

Greek school chronology: The 1940s

March 15

Hutterite education

Protestants denominations: Anabaptists

Ancient Greece: Sports

American headwear: Chronology--The 1950s

Economics: North America

Swiss sailor suits: 20th century

British books: Enid Blyton--Translations

March 14

Senegalese history: France coastal dominabnce

Serbian education: Ottoman Era

Mennonites: Education

World War II: The Netherlands--Market Garden

World War II: NAZI partition of Poland

World War II: NAZI leaders--Wilhelm Frick

American 1910s trousers: Age trends

Spanish Civil War: Naval aspect

March 13

School long stockings: Age trends

American Amish: Change and technology

German schoolwear: Lederhosen 1950s

Ancient Greece: Children's clothing

March 12

Ancient Greece: Slavery


Jewish assimilation

March 11

Thai sports

American wedding: 1910s

Spanish sports

Australian schools: Beebo State School

English film: Non-stop New York: Expanded text and links

March 10

Estonia: Demographics

South America

Cold War: Marshall Plan impact

Australian schools: Springsure State school

Australian schools: Hopevale School

Australian schools: Aberdale Boys Grammar

American nationalist youth groups: Silver shirts--Organization

March 9

World War II: Children and food

Australian schools: Chronology--The 1930s

New Zealand schools: Puahue primary school

French Garçon Modèle: Daniel--Bob-front shorts

French Garçon Modèle: Daniel--Garments

March 8

Austrian royalty: Fran Josef--Succession

American nationalist youth groups: Silver shirts

World War I: American Boy Scouts--Morale

American summer camps: Camp Siegfried

March 7

Australia: Strutton family outing

Australian Christian weddings

English child stars: Desmond Tester--Movies

World War I: Australia at the outbreak of war

English films: Non-stop New York

English films: Drums

English films: Tudor Rose

English child stars: Desmond Tester

March 6

Holocaust: Lodz Ghetto

World War II: NAZI crimes

French colonial Algeria

Algerian garments: Traditional clothing

American schools: Western Reserve Academy history

American schools: Harriet School

World War I: Morocco

American kilt suits: Hair styles--Long styles

March 5

Korea: 1950s chronology

German school satchels: Chronology--The 1920s

March 4

Schoolwear: The 1930s

Spain: Young Pioneers

March 3

Indian Islam: Schools

German school: Unidentified German school (1947)


World War II: NAZIs reintroduce conscription

English film reviews: Hue and Cry

Czech schools: Religion

March 2

American sailor suits: Early-20th century--Ages

American stocking supporters: Nazareth waists (1904)

Native Americans: Amazonian tribes--The Zuruahá

World War II: British Home GuardWorld War II: British ARP

March 1

Japanese family: The Nishi family

World War II: Axis occupation garrisons in Greece

American dance groups: Paul Taylor dancers

English economy


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