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Berlin Liberty Bell
Figure 1.--Here we see the Schoeneberger Saengerknaben by the Berlin Liberty Bell during Christmas (1958). We believe they often sang there, but do not have the details. They wear dark short trousers suits with white knee socks, open-collared white shirts, and black slip-on shoes. We believe thiswas an annual Christmas tradition, but hopefully our German readers will provide actual details. Notice the emblems on their uniform with the Berlin bear.

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January 31

Spanish religion

French artist: Pierre Carrier-Belleuse

American Lend Lease: Extension to the Soviet Union

Russian costumes

Russian tunics: 20th century

American boy choirs: Chronology

English artist: Romney body of work

January 30

Australian aborigines

French films cardss: Les Fiches de Monsieur Cinema

English play: 19th century

Brazilian rubber boom


Papaua New Guinea: Religion

January 29

Philippines: Central region--Viscayas

American chronologies: Early-20th century

American leggings: Chronology

German World War II Economy: 1940

Japanese school clothes: Traditional uniform garments

January 28

Christian denominations: Roman Catholcism

American schools: St. Paul's

Solomon Island schools

American monetary history

January 27

Oceania schools: More work here

Micronesia: Education

Indian boy characters

English story books: The Jungle Book

January 26

Kievian Rus

American Protestant denominations: Lutherans

English Pretoria Pit Disaster

January 25

Christian denominations

England: Church of England

Suriname: Colonial history

January 24

Trinidadian history

American biographies: Bobby Fischer

American actors: Johnny Sheffield

Australian choirs: Bunbury

Chinese theatricals

American catalogs: Sears unioin suits (1935)

January 23

American kilt suit: Regional trends (1880s)

East Germany: Living experiences

American mail order catalogs: Underwear (1931)

German long stockings: Patterned stockings

January 22

English rainwear: Cagoule

Mali: Religion

Mauritania: History

East Germany: Social welfare system

American boy: E.H. Wylie

American ringlets: 1900s--Length

January 21

American boy: Clarence Smith

Russian artists:Jury Raksh

World War II: Soviet War Propagasa--Great Patriotic War

January 20

Russian fashion magazines: The 1950s

American school science fairs

Norwegian skirted garments

American Christmases: The 1960s

American family: Toothmans

Mali: Chronology

January 19

German schools: St. Gunther

German sailor suits: Colors

Slovak Gypsies

German Christmas: The 1950s

Economic freedom Image shift

Economic variation

January 18

German Liberty Bell

Swiss schools: Winterthur primary

Swiss schools: Winterthur Kindergarten

Latin American gypsys

Economic variation: Causes

French gypsys

January 17

Russian history: Mongol control of Russia

Early wars

Walking harness: Purpose

January 16

English rainwear types: Several new links

English Highland kilts: Jackets

Soviet World war II propaganda

January 15

Wedding clothes

Yemen (Image shift)

Paraguayan activities

Finish family: Harja family

American boy: Roy Swanson

Polish schools: Russian-controlled Poland

January 14

Scottish schools: Unidentified schools

Medium-length long hair

American boy: R. Demarst

Finnish sports

January 13

Finnish boys garments

American libraries

American activities: Reading

Japanese primary school graduations: After the ceremony

Japanese primary school graduations: Venue

January 11

New Zealand Sea Scout destinctive activities

New Zealand Sea Scout uniforms

Irish catalogs

Scottish boy: Francis James Blake

Russian New Year: Food

Swiss long stockings: Gender

January 10

English rainwear

German rainwear

American Scouting: Religion

American rainwear garments: Oilskins

Rainwear: Oilskins

English inclement weather garments

German documentary: Firestorm

January 9

American movie review: The Eddie Duchin Story

World War II: Raw materials

Overseas Chinese: Peranakan

Egyptian hieroglyphics

American boy: Loyola Rivard

American families: Rivard family

January 8

Swiss: Pants types

Yemeni garments

World War II: Yugoslav destruction

English school uniform: Hosiery--Tights

January 7

American black education: Home support

Hungarian catalogs

American patterns: 1901 coats

World War II: Japanese background

American Fauntleroy suits: 8 years old

Swiss knee pants

January 6

American clip-on suspenders

French boy/American artist: Jacques Barenton

Swiss Verdingkinder / Discarded Children

January 5

German school caps: Outfits

American catalogs: Younger boys outfits (1914)

Cold War: Berlin Air Lift (July 2008)

American lace collars: Identifying types

American kilt suits: Kilt hem length

American outings: The family vacation

January 4

American manufacturers: Strouss, Eisendrath & Co.

American TV series: Gosip Girl

World War II: Naval war--Ship types

American sailor suit pants: Bloomer knickers

January 3

American cultural movement: The Hippies

American sailor suits: 2 year olds

Cold War: Nuclear weapons

Von Trapp family: More information here.

Russian navy

January 2

American dresses: Unknown tyoes

American religions: Orthodoxy

German Daguerreotypes

Irish minorities: Tinkerers

World War II: Air weapons

American Norfolk suits: Design elements

England: Titanic Dusaster

American polo shorts (1963)

January 1


American polo shorts (1962)

American ads: Uneeda Bakers/Nabisco (1930)

American ads: Uneeda biscuits an Zuzu Snaps (1902)

American ads: Penny's cardigans--1965

American catalogs: 1965

American catalogs: 1966


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