Boys' Historical Clothing: New Pages--April 2011

Figure 1.-- We retrieved these various shots of first communion procressions in Germany. This one ws taken in the early-1950s. The boys are all wearing dark short trousers suits with white shirts and ties, and most of them wear white knee socks and black shoes. One of the boys in the procession follows the slightly older style and has black long stockings instead of the white knee socks but is in all other respects dressed like his schoolmates. They presumably attend a Catholic confessional school which gave their parents guidelines for how to dress. The boys also wear caps--either visored school caps or dark flat caps that match their suits. They all carry candles as they march through the streets, led by acoyltes with ecclesiastical banners, and attended by clergy, into a church where the Mass will be held. Parents can be observed on the fringes of the procession. The boys look to be about 7-9 years old, which in Germany was thr common age for making one's first communion in Catholic churches. Click on the image to see an image from the samne school/church thst was precisely dated March 1, 1953. Photographer: Hans Lachmann. Bundesarchiv Bild 194-0196b-28

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April 30

German individual schools: Kischken Grundschule

Austrian Holocaust: Popper family

World War II: Liberation of Paris--Victory parades

American hair parts: Side parts

April 29

American Orthodoxy: Ehnic base

Israel and Palestine: European Jewish refugees

Arab-Isreali Conflict: Refugees

German winter garments

April 28

American bios: Dwight L. Moody/a>

American Revolution

Portuguese berets

American difficult images: Groups

American tunic suits: Best & Co. Russian blouse suit (1905)

April 27

Brazilian sports: Individual sports

American kilt suts: Pantalettes

Polish schools: Kielpiny Primary School

April 26

Portuguese school: Valado dos Frades School

Netherlands Antilles

Central America and Mexico

Danish schools: Activiies

April 25

American dresses: Overcoats

French photograph types

French suspender shorts chronology: The 1940s

American floppy bow chronology: 1910s

World War II: Sicilian campaign

World War II: Japanese invasion of China--Foreign reaction

Photographers: Robert Capa

April 24

American military-style collar-buttoning jsckets--Colors

Russian illustrators: Gengich Valk

Islam: Muslim countries

Malaysian ethnicity

April 23

American authors: Hemingway--Children

Serbian urban parks

Serbian play

English sailor suits: Ages--8 years old

April 22

Spanish Civil War: Luftwaffe

April 21

Economics: Latin America

World War II: Case Blue--German forces split

American sailor suits: Post-war era

April 20

Serbian holidays

World War II: Actual diplomatic exchanges

April 19

World War II: Allied liberation of Western Europe

World War II: Exchange of American and Axis diplomats

CDVs: Table top displays

International trading systems

English pinafores: Girls

April 18

Italian economy

World War II: Occupation policies

American Scouting: World War II farm labor

April 17

American boy: Howard Moore

Indian Islam: Country

American boy: Rymond McCarthy

April 16

American school: Unidentified Brooklyn school

American musicals: Mame

American sailor suits: The 1880s

April 15

American boy: Ronald J. McAlister

American Boy Scouts: Uniform

April 14

Film reviews: Anna Karenia

April 13

Israel: Jewish National Fund

American film reviews: And Your Name Is Jonah

April 12

Film reviews: Am-Az More work here.

April 11

German boys pants chronology : 1950s--Types

English parks: Paved areas

April 11

American Native Amnerican tribes: Hualapai

New Zealand boating

American poverty: Causes

April 10

Hungarian family outing

American economic history

American boy: William Giles

German sailor suit headwear: Peaked hunting cap

April 9

American methodists

German First Communions: 1950s decade trends

German First Communions: Chronology

April 8

German schools: Neubrandenburg Schule

Holocaust: Polish Ghettos--Kielce

German sailor suits: Post-World War II era

World War II: J-L country pages

April 7

Swiss schools: Muhlenbach School

April 6

Holocaust: Initial actions in Poland

April 5

Holocasust: Lodz Ghetto armbands

World War II: NAZI officials--Robert Ley

April 4

World War II: Adolf Hitler schools

New Zealand schools: Classrooms

East German economy: Raw materials

Unidentified European boys: More work on this image.

April 3

Laos history: Vietnam War

German long stockings: Formality

April 2

American garmebts: The 1970s

World War II: Barbarossa--Monthly Ukranian campaign

Hitler's messianic leadership: Governing years

American photographers: Charles Cushman

American economic crisis: 20th century

German radio

April 1

European Union: Funding the welfare state

Bulgarian family: Unidentified 1930 family

Ecuadorian native Americans: The Huaorani


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