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Figure 1.-- The boys at this English prep school wore grey suits. Unlike many schools, they had the school crest on their suit jackets.

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May 31

English green Buster suit

May 30

Mein Ksmpf: Contents--Lebensraum

World War II: American scrap drives

May 29

World War II: American Scout scrap drives

American World War II scrap drives

World War II: American Lend Lease shipping routes to the Soviet Union

English toy riding horses: Types

Swiss schools: Schlatt schools

May 28

French headwear types

Finnish family: Heinhosten family

Finnish family: Unidentified (1924)

German school levels and types: Photographic record

English movie reviews: The Pied Piper: More work here.

May 27

Yugoslavia: Disolution

World War II: American rationing--Products

World War II: American rationing

May 26

New Zealand school activities: Medical services

America: Governor Spotswood's grandchildren

American schools: Walking to school--Chrinology

French photographers: Paul Lancrenon

May 25

German schools: Glenia primary school (1949)

Scramble for Africa: Africa in the late-19th century

Argentine suits

Holocaust: Death camps--Belzac

May 24

Finnish summer camps: Chronology

World War II: Japanese Americans on the Hawaiian Islands

World War II: America financing the War

May 23

German schools: Betzingen School

American Christian denominations: Mormons

World War II: UNRRA resources

World War II: Czechs prepare to fight

May 22

American activities: The 1890s

Russian musical instruments: Specific instruments

Indonesian royalty

American Revolution: The Declaration of Independence

Russian royaly: Peter the Great: Families

May 21

Ethiopian royalty

World War II: U.S. National Guard

American boy: Clarence L. Dresser

Austrian royalty: Archduchess Elisabeth

May 20

American tunic suits: 2year olds--Age range

Austrian royalty: Emperor Karl's children

World War II: The NAZIs--Mein Kampf

Bavarian royalty: Cadet branches

May 19

Austrian royalty: Archduchess Marie Valerie--Children

Austrian royalty: Empress Zita. More work here.

Native Americans: The Inca--Clothing

Austrian royalty: Franz Ferdinand--Public life

Austrian royalty: Franz Ferdinand--Family life

May 18

Austrian royalty: Franz Ferdinand--Children's clothing

American cut-away jackets: The 1850s

World War II: NAZI-Soviet convergence: The Bloodlands

American skirt construction

American inter-War chronology: Garments

American pedal cars

Belgian royalty: Prince Albert--Hairstyles

May 16

German/Belgian royalty: Marie Hohenzollern-Signaringen

English headwear types. More work here.

New Zealand schools: Activities--Sports

Jewish holidays

English families: The 1890s

May 15

German Weimar Republic: Reichmarine

Canadian family: Unidentified 1890s family

World War II: Norway

May 14

Japanese school chronology: The 1930s

German lederhosen chronology: 21st century

May 13

World War II: Isolationist sentiment in America

World War II: Rationing

New Zealand footwear

May 12

Muslim clothing

Serbian school activities: Movie making

Ancient Egypt: Thutmose I

May 11

American movie reviews: They all come out

American 1890s sailor suits: Colors

Russian long stockings chronology: The 1940s

German coordinated clothes: Sibling permutations

May 10

World War II: America enters the War

World War II: Bundles for Britain

World War II: Private American effiorts to aid Britain

May 9

American World War I casualties: Cemetaries

World War II: Industrial production capacity

African tribes: The Suri

Mexican Revolutionary leaders: Lucio Blanco

Cuban Revolution: Economics

May 8

American regions: The West

American film review: Seminole

May 7

German photogrtapher: Wilhelm Hammerschmidt

American schools: Individual schools--1880s

German school outings: Groups

World War II biographies: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

May 6

English kilt chronology: The 1890s

American advertisements: Right Posture Boys' Clothing (1919)

American catalogs: Suits (1915)

American Faunleroy blouses and floppy bows: Age trends

American ringlet curls: Styling--Top

American Fauntleroy blouses: Features

May 5

P movies: More work here.

World War II: Physical destruction in Poland

World War II: Lebensborn in France

May 4

American child actors: Baby LeRoy

Scottish family: Unidentified young family

World War II: Saipan internment camps

German bios: Herman Göring

South African schools: Laerskool Voorpos

May 3

Australian schools: Lord Howe Island Central School

English beachwear: Winter clothing

English prep school uniforms: Garments

English school suits: School types

Scottish garments: Early-20th century

Scottish families: The Richardsons

American boys: Shea brothers (1906)

May 2

German First Communion Suits: Jacket Styles

American families: 1920s

American schools: Class blackboards

Braziliazn schools: Escola Paroquial Săo José

Portuguese fisher family

Japanese economy

May 1

German romper types: Romper pants

German gymnasium: Esslingen am Neckar

German families: Attending chuch (1960s)

German regions: East Prussia--Masuria


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